Why Have Your Gutters Maintained?

The Gutter System is designed to move water down from the roof and away from the building and its foundations for proper drainage. Water that gets dammed up in a gutter, will find the path of least resistance when it tries to drain and this often works its way right into the walls, ceiling and roof of your property! This excess water wreaks havoc on the internal and external structural integrity of the property over time.

Poorly maintained gutters are the most common cause of isolated damp in homes across the UK leaks occur when bits of debris get caught up in guttering joints. Damp in homes can cause mold growth which has an adverse effect on your health Leaks are commonly caused by broken gutters or drainpipes. Make sure to inspect the exterior of your house regularly, in order to prevent a simply cracked drainpipe from becoming a larger and more expensive problem.

Regular gutter maintenance alleviates all of these problems ensuring adequate drainage thus preventing expensive repair bills in the future and most importantly protecting yours and your family's health.

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Here at Platinum Gutter Services we recommend having your gutters maintained every 6 Months. You can save 20% when enrolled on a regular gutter maintenance program starting from as little as £28 per 6 months! Contact now for a free quote/inspection.

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  • Brilliant job done by Dan and great prices, highly recommended!
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    Col French
  • Great service, my gutters were completely full of leaves with difficult access to the gutters but Dan was able to get up and empty them no problem and a very reasonable price! Highly recommended!
    Matthew David Jones

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